Super Cup Day 3+4

Sorry, could not update last night. Wasn't much positive to report from my point of view anyways. I lost both matches to Chang and Morris and finished 6th in my group.

The Chang match on table one went back and forth. Ultimately I never got a shot after the break and that kept me from getting into a rythmn.

Rodney and I actually fought a nice battle. We both made some great outs with quiet some trickshots and he deserved to beat me. Rodney qualified for the quarterfinal but wasn't lucky at all in his match against Roberto Gomez and finished 5th.

Gomez went on to beat Fu double hill after Fu scratched on the break at 6:6 and is now waiting for his opponent in the final.

On the other side Ko Pin-Yi is slaughtering everybody. I witnessed the last rack against Wu Chia-Ching when Ko kicked a ball in, cut the next, then jumped, cut the eight and banked the nine in to win the match.

The semi final between Yang and Ko was a thriller. Ko ran rack after rack to climb the hill first with 6:2 and then missed a shot. Now it was all Yang catching up to 5:6.

I am sitting in my room and watching the rest of the match live on tv even though you won't notice by reading this...

Yang broke, made a ball, but the cueball and the 2-Ball ended up very close to each other. The only shot was a super tricky 2-9 combination and Yang missed. Ko came with some terrific shots, I mean brilliant shots and ran out the game !

Roberto Gomez and Ko Pin-Yi for the crowne !


Louis said...

Happy New Year,Thorsten.
Wish you have great performance & achievements in 2008.


Tony said...

Dear Mr.Hohmann:
We've some photos like to share with you :-)