Super Cup Day 2 (12.29.07)

For me Day number two was the reverse of day number one. I started with a fantastic match against Jeff De Luna from the Philippines. I closed the match with five break and runs 7:1.

Table two seems top break very easily. The corner ball went in every single time that I broke and the one ball travelled three rails in ideal position for the cueball which I controlled near the center of the table. But it wasn't only me running racks. Every match on table two that I watched - the same story - one break and run after another...

I was looking forward to play Wu Chia Ching again. I haven't beaten him in a long time but I guess I have to wait for my next chance to come. 3:0 for me when the match completely slipped away. I made a bunch of mistakes and he capitalized. It wasn't the best match from the both of us - final result: 4:7 for the youngster from Taiwan.

Our group is a tough call. Only Wu hasn't lost yet, the rest has 3:1 or 2:2 records. Tomorrow will decide who advances into the quarterfinals on monday.

I still have Chang Jung-Lin and Rodney Morris left to play. Jung-Lin stands 2:2, Rodney stands 3:1, it's going to be a nailbiter...

Finally !!! For general amusement here the link to the dance performance of Wu Chia Ching and Ko Pin-Yi

Wu - Ko DanceShow

And here is another one. The video that was made as an introduction for the SuperCup. I don't understand Mandarin, but I think they are making fun of the foreigners. Very funny ! Have to mention that all actors in this video are Taiwanese pro pool players.

SuperCup Clip

Let me know how you like it !


Louis said...

Hi Thorsten,

it was really shock that both you & Wu missed the last 6-ball,and after the game Wu said maybe the cueball wasn't clear,and what do you think about the last shot you missed?It was really a good chance for you I thought.

But I still wish you can advance the quarterfinals although there's Chang's game tomorrow...Orz

Anonymous said...

Wu and Ko dancing was just HILARIOUS! Great pool pros yet they are young men can entertain the audience in such a way.