Super Cup Final

Just a quick note to complete my tournament report...

With another superb performance in the final recently crowned World Junior Champion 2007 Ko Pin-Yi defeated Superman Roberto Gomez from the Philippines with 10:4 and keeps the trophy in Taiwan.

Bottom: The top three finishers of the 2007 Taiwan Super Cup !

After the award ceremony we all went to a Taiwanese restaurant on the top floor of the TaiMall. After some good food and a couple drinks a small group including Rodney, Marcus, Ralf, Illy, the Filipinos, the Japanese and myself went to downtown Taipei. We barely made it in time to the former Asia World Plaza hotel to watch the spectacular firework show from the open air roof of the building. The worlds tallest building, the 101 in Taipei was transformed into a giant countdown firework bomb and we witnessed this surely unique firework for several minutes...

Here a link:

Taipei 101 New Year Firework 2008

I wanna wish all of you a Happy New Year 2008 !