Korea Pro Tour Championships

The tournament took place at the Ambassador Hotel in Doksan, Seoul. Top players of the event were Mike Davis, Raj Hundal, Charlie Williams, Hiroshi Takenaka as well as some new players from the Philippines.

Had a good match to get into the single elimination stage against Go Takami from Japan. At a score of 8:7 in a race to 9 I played a safetie on the 8-Ball. He came with a great "Efren-Shot" to take the rack and the match down...

After a solid performance on the looser side the tournament format brought me Go Takami again. This time I was able to string a few racks together and establish a lead which allowed me a 10:5 win.

The quarter final against Takenaka was a head to head race from the start. At 7:7 I had a perfect break, the cueball stopped in the center of the table but unfortunately got kicked in the side pocket. Takenaka never looked back and broke and ran the last three racks to throw me out of the competition. Overall I was happy with my tournament here and a 5th place !

Mike Davis, who got in late due to his good result in Phoenix was put on the looser side, came all the way back to win the first place here in Korea.

The womens event was dominated by reigning World Champion Yuan Chung Lin from Taiwan.


FastMikie said...


Even Efren couldn't make that "Efren shot"!!

Anonymous said...

glad to have found your blog. congratulations for your last successes. hope you will go on competing that well.
@topic: wtf?
auf gut deutsch gesagt: alter verwalter, den hat der ja wohl nicht gemacht?
sry for that excursion in german, but thats a damm great shot, so there's nothing to be angry about. take it, kopf hoch, und viel gl├╝ck.
head up high, good luck.

ralf, nrw, herne-stamm