Super Billiards Expo Day Zero

I arrived a bit earlier in Valley Forge, Tuesday morning. Most of the exhibitors still had not arrived yet, so the two floors of the Convention Center were still empty and quiet...

The pro room looks nice and I hope the bleachers will fill up during the weekend...

The player meeting at 6pm was short. Here are some facts of this 9-Ball event:

- 20 000 $ added
- Races to 10
- Rotate break
- Rack your own
- Double elimination
- UPA sanctioned

After the meeting there was a Pro-Am Charity Event in which I participated. All the entry fees and donations went to the Junior division scholarship payouts.

For 25$ poolfans were able to team up with a pro to compete in a "scotch doubles" format. We had 16 teams each consisting of one pro and up to six "amateurs". Some of them really rocked that evening. We had a lot of fun and sharking was mandatory...

My team "Calling Shots" won the first round of 20minutes play 5:1, the second round 3:1 and we lost the third round 3:4 which put us in third place in the end. That was fun...

I also played some challenge matches before I went to my deserved Cheesecake factory dinner with Ralf Souquet...

My first match will be later at 5.30pm against Danny "Kid Delicious" Basavich. I haven't seen Danny in more than one year. I heard he had some health problems and it's nice to see him back on the tour.

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