Super Billiards Expo Day One

Just finished a very long and tough match against Danny Basavich. The game went all the way to hill-hill but unfortunately I didn't come through at the end. The match was actually played on a high level. I missed a 9-Ball to go up 8:6 which was crucial. At 9:9 it was my break, I made a ball but was facing a weird 1-6 combo. I knew that the cueball would travel two rails and the side pocket was big. I decided to go for it, made the combo but...scratched in the side. Danny ran out.

Have another tough one against John Schmidt tomorrow morning.

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Anonymous said...

Great to see a class act yesterday at VF
Hope you advance so I can watch you play on Sat. nite!

You are a credit to the human race1
Thanks Harry

Saw you at az mag booth thurs.afternoon and comented on your performence at world str. pool last year!

Thorsten said...

Thank you Harry,

your words make me feel better...

Talk to you there...


Jeffery Price said...

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