Super Billiards Expo Day Two + Three

Wasn't my tournament. Again.

Just lost to my friend John Schmidt 4:10 and now have two days off. I will walk the Expo, take some pictures and post it here on my blog.

Well, usually I am the one taking all the pictures for my blog with the result that I'm almost never seen in my pictures. So I started walking the Expo hunting the stars down for a snapshot... Enjoy !

Bought two books which I am gonna start reading today. You can find my reviews soon here on my blog ;-)

"Running The Table" from L. Jon Wertheim about the life of
"Kid Delicious" Danny Basavich

From Bob Watson the beautiful title "Painting On Green Canvas"

Got my first autograph from upcoming ten year old superstar Taylor Reynolds :-)

With the weekend and all the amateur events starting the Expo is getting a bit busier...

More later...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I know it's soon your turn to win a big one again.

Just relax, keep on shooting, smile and have fun and you will soon be on top of the world again! :)

Eric Smartnick said...

I got to witness the Taylor Reynolds show ! She will have the killer combo when she gets older , the game and the looks ! Glad i got a chance to talk to you this weekend at the expo Thorsten.

www.natalia.biz said...

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