Tony Robles new 9-Ball Tour in the Northeast

Until now I have only been playing in one regional tour in America - the Florida Pro Tour. Today I will add a whole new series of events to my calender - Tony Robles Predator 9-Ball Tour in the Tri-State area !

75 pool addicts made their way to Holden Chin's beautiful Raxx Billiards in West Hempstead, New York. Ten Percent of the field were - women ! Congratulations Tony for such a fantastic turn out to kick off the season...

Here are some facts about rules and format of the new tour:

- there is no handicap, anybody can play, but amount of the entry fee is determined by the level of the player. Pro's pay 100$, C-players 50 $ for example.

- Race to 9 winner side, race to 7 on the one loss side (final race to 11)
- alternate break
- rack your own
- nine on the break counts only if made in side or upper corner pockets

At this point I don't wanna go too much into match details. The usual suspects came through - Mika, Tony, Ginky, ShinYoung and Toasti. But we have to add another new name to that list - New Jersey's Joey Testa surprised the fans with excellent play and beat tournament favorite Mika Immonen in the final 11:10. I was Testa's victims in the quarterfinal and finished Fourth place.

Thanks to Jerry Tarantola with www.nycgrind.com and Williams Fuentes with www.williamfuentes.com for the picture courtesy !


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