Good Bye and Good Luck Rolando !

Rolando Aravena started working for Amsterdam Billiard Club, New York City in 1991. That was one year before I began playing pool. On Saturday, the 16th of February it was his last night at New York's original billiard club as a manager. And a very touching moment.

After 17 years !!! of ABC Rolando is moving on to new ventures. With The Black Widow Jeanette Lee herself, Rolando is starting a new business as the head manager of a future poolroom in Indianapolis.

On Saturday his friends gathered at ABC to throw him a farewell party. Here are some pics taken by Wei Chao www.cuetable.com

Rolando is definitely one of my favorite friends to hang out with. I enjoyed our conversations, he wrote me a fitness plan, we went to the gym together, he did all my cuerepair work (excellent) and he is a fantastic pool player and teacher. I will miss him...

"Rolando, I wish you all the best for your future. You truly deserve only the best. One thing I can promise you - I will be one of the first to visit you at your new home !"


jim jack said...

Rolando was a great friend and now I have lost touch with him. It was difficult enough when I moved back to Toronto but at least I always knew where he was. If anyone has his contact info, please forward to: jim.jack@cyndrel.com

Anonymous said...

I think his e-mail address is r.aravena@verizon.net. Not sure if this is still valid, though.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is his email address...he is in Florida now, i see him almost daily. He is doing well!

Anonymous said...

I worked with him. He was just GENUINE - THE REAL DEAL. He was MR.POOL in NYC. Where ever I have played in NY or any other state, if I mention his name - someone knows him. Leagues, lessons (private, group clinics), repair work, manager - did I miss anything? Rolando does it all when it comes to pool. A True NEW YORK POOL ICON.

tim said...

thorsten: i recently saw the vid of you winning the 14.1 open. incredible accomplishment. i'm moving from texas to north port florida soon. hopefully there will be more 14.1 players down there. come join us in the banter at azbilliards.com