US-Open Warm-Up Tournament

To all pool fans in the New York area !

There is going to be a round robin "US-Open warm-up" tournament at Amsterdam Billiards on Saturday starting at noon. The game is 9-Ball !

The six players participating are:

Marcus Chamat (Sweden)
Thorsten Hohmann (Germany)
Tony Robles (New York City)
Rodney Morris (Hawaii)
Mika Immonen (Finland)
Raj Hundal (England)

Amsterdam Billiards owner Greg Hunt, Randy Goldwater and Joel Schapiro from New York City are adding 1500 $ to the mini-tournament. Fans are welcome !

Oh, by the way... afterwards we are all riding down in the same van to Virginia. Loser drives...

1 comment:

Alonzo said...

What a dangerous roadrunners group!!! Please, don't forget to post about this mini-tournament's news.
Jesus (Spain)