New York City

Let me give me you some impressions where I've been spending some time...

I like to go running along the Hudson River. The Riverbank State Park is just a few blocks away. Here you can play tennis, basketball, soccer, ice-skating, etc. They have an indoor olympic size swimming pool and for the fun an outdoor pool as well. No pool billiard tables though, but I was recognized once as a professional pool player by a bus driver who watches pool on tv. Isn't that cool....

I could consider myself as a Harlem Globetrotter. If you think my neighborhood is dangerous, you are wrong. Stop watching tv and play more pool.

World famous Amsterdam Billiards near Union Square. If you walk in this week you might find top players such as Tony Robles, Mika Immonen, Marcus Chamat, Rodney Morris and myself getting ready for the US-Open next week.

Oh, I found these shoes in Shoemania. Real Adidas....maybe I should send them my proposal for possible sponsorship. Don't you think they would look nice with my black trousers and dress shirt ?


Alonzo said...

Hi Thorsten,
Very funny your post, as you know well, in Europe there are a lot of wrong myths about New York, and about USA in general… but it’s true that’s a very different country and culture compared with Europe’s countries. Like Sting said in his song, the first time you go to New York, you feel like an Alien… :-)
Great places and really interesting your neighborhood, but what I really would see are the matches are going to play in this Pool Hall… terrific!!!! Please take photos this week!!!
By the way, it could be impressive to see you with those shoes in your next Championship :-)
Jesus (Spain)

Cherry said...

Heya Thorsten, lovely shoesssss! i want them for real haha