US-Open 9-Ball Championship

The US-Open finally started for me too. I guess thank my UPA ranking I was seeded for the event and didn't have to play on Sunday. On top of that I caught one of the tournaments bye's which meant an extra day off. I don't know if it's good or bad skipping two rounds. Well, yeah - I'm two rounds advanced but also lost the opportunity to get used to the equipment and switch on the competition mode.

I'm sitting here near table one counting the spectators on a Tuesday evening. Pretty good in my opinion. I'm sure the convention center will be packed at the weekend.

Played my first match at 3pm against Paul Scarboro. It was one of those matches you don't really wanna talk about. I had problems with the speed of the rails and the break. Only made a ball once or twice and had only one run out. We are playing break from the box and maybe I should head over to Q-masters tomorrow to work on that.My confidence weakened during the game with the result that I missed a lot of easy shots. My opponent played some great safeties but could not take advantage of my bad play. I ended up beating him 11:5.

Again I have more then one day off. My next game is scheduled for 9pm tomorrow night against Lee Holt.

Mika lost yesterday double hill to Japans Naoyuki Oi . He now has something like 150 matches ahead of him to win the tournament, but he can do it. Rodney was down 2:8 and I am just witnessing an incredible comeback. 9:8 for the rocket.

The US-Open is probably the event every pool player dreams of winning besides the World Championship. It's still my dream too. Good when I think about it - to still have a big dream. But I want one of the green jackets. They are ugly but I want one :-)

Pretty much every country is present. The Filippinios with Francisco Bustamante, Efren Reyes, Jose Parica, Dennis Orcullo, Ronnie Alcano and Alex Pagulayan. The Europeans with Ralf Souquet, Daryl Peach, Niels Feijen, Mika Immonen, Marcus Chamat, Fabio Petroni and myself. America with Earl Strickland, Johnny Archer, Shane van Boening, Rodney Morris, Corey Deuel, etc... But I miss the great Taiwanese players like Shin Chun Yang, Wu Chia Ching, Fong Pang Chao or Pei Wei Chang. They would add some spice to the tournament.

Check back as I will add some news when time allows. Hope I won't have to much time as the tournament progresses...

Oh, Rodney just won...amazing !

Wednesday, 17th 2007 (late)

Well, I guess my extra training session at Q-Masters today has paid off. I played Lee Holt tonight and at least 350% better than yesterday. I still had trouble making balls on the break, but at least I didn't miss to many shots and made some nice tough run outs. Final score was 11:5 again.

The tournament continues for me tomorrow at 7pm with a re-match against Tyler Edey from Canada. He kicked me out of the World 9-Ball Championships last year in Manila so I should be prepared to play best.

Thursday, 18th (11pm)

Let's face it - I played terrible. I just didn't feel comfortable at all. He played better and deserved to beat me, even though I had my chances. Was down 4:8 and came back with two run-outs and a break nine to make it even 8:8. I was supposed to go up 9:8 but missed an easy shot on an open table. He then cleared from there and broke and ran the next to go on the hill. I had a chance but dogged an easy nine. Symptomatic for the match. Lost 8:11

Well, I will have to play again tonight. Or should I say tomorrow ? 12:30 (late) it's what it says on the score board. Of course I am a little disappointed but I will try my best to recover...


Decided to play at 11am instead. Gallego and Bollman still playing to determine my opponent...

Friday, 19th

I will keep it short. Ramil Gallego from the Philippines beat me bad - 6:11 ! He then continued his destruction by eliminating Francisco Bustamante, Mike Davis, Efren Reyes, Jose Parica and Corey Deuel. Great performance. Respect !

Winner side final tomorrow is going to be Shane van Boening versus Tomoki Mikari for the hotspot. Remaining players on the loser side: Ralf Souquet, Ronato Alcano, Ramil Gallego, Louis Ulrich and Dennis Orcullo.

Who will win ?

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Alonzo said...

Hi Thorsten!
Good Luck in the open!
I've heard of that Rodney comeback at AzBilliards, it could be impressive.
Don't worry, you'll win the green jacket sooner or later (probably sooner), be confident!!
Jesus (Spain)

Korbi21 said...

Hey Toasti!
Good luck at the US Open. Show those guys how to play Pool...! ;)
See you,

Anonymous said...

Put up More Pics hitman!!!

Jochen said...

Läuft doch, Thorsten
Weiter so !!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck tonite, Tim

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?