Finally after all the travelling I had some quality time to spent in Florida. I signed up at a new gym here in Jacksonville where I started working out again. I have been practicing a lot with my new powerful Lucasi Hybrid Cue and enjoyed the Florida sun, the beach, the food (after weeks of eating soup) and visited Charlie and friends in Orlando (watched Iron Man and loved it). Soon I will be travelling again to compete in multiple events around the globe. And in July right before my birthday I get to go to Germany after more than one year of absence (excluding five days Christmas visit). I miss Germany, my family, my friends and I can't wait to come home. But for now: "work before pleasure"...

All my friends know how much of a Dream Theater fan I am. Well, super lucky me I was able to buy two first row balcony center tickets two days prior to their concert at Hard Rock Live in Orlando May 31st. Had a super rockin evening !

Here are my upcoming events:

June 8th - 14th Generation Pool Championship/BCA Trade Show in Charlotte/NC
June 20 - 25th Philippine 10-Ball Tour in Puerto Princesa, Palawan / Philippines
June 29 - July 5th Qatar World 9-Ball Open in Qatar / United Arab Emirates
July 6th Germany !!!!!!! (soon to be European Soccer Champions :-)

Documentation coming soon...

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