Weekend with Mickey and Co....

Had a fabolous weekend in Orlando. My butt has a big purple bruise from all the hardcore slides at the waterparks, but it was so much fun. Luciene, Justin, Gloria, Larry, James and I went to Disney's MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon and Wet and Wild. Gloria has super connections, so we had free access and the fastpass for some of the parks :-) And because pictures say more than thousand words I have uploaded some here...

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Ok, that was the fun part. I'm back in New York City to get ready for the remaining tournaments this year. I haven't been performing well almost the entire year (which really sucks big time) except my European Championship 9-Ball win earlier this year (which meant a lot to me). It's tough to play 100% all the time, especially after winning such a historical event like the IPT in Vegas last year. But I will give my very best to come back again. My coach Michael promised me (despite the fact that he is afraid of flying and never been on a plane before) to come to New York City on October 3rd. I am really looking forward. Working with him always gives me a boost.

If there is anyone out there who wants to meet the probably best pool instructor in the world, or maybe even wants a lesson, contact me.

I have started "my mission" already. Went running this morning along the Hudson River. I will document my training and talk about it more on my blog this month. I thought I will pick one day and describe in detail what I am doing. A day in a life of a professional pool player I would call it. I will share some of the pool exercises that I am doing as well as my physical activities. I have some secrets to reveal and whether you are just interested in my personal training or you want some tips for your own, you should not miss out to visit my blog.


Roy Steffensen said...


Can't wait to read about "your day as a pro"

Keep'em coming!!! Your site is fantastic, and if you keep your blog updated real often as now, you will get a lot of new fans during the years!!!

Anonymous said...

what no goofy?

Jochen said...

Hi Thorsten,

habs gestern gehört, daß Michael tatsächlich seine Flugangst überwinden will..:-)

Wünsche dir viel Erfolg bei den US Open. Diese Mal bist du dran.

Und meld dich mal wegen meiner Angelegenheit.


Favian said...

Dear Thorsten,

I know you always give 100 percent when you play, you never give up, and that's an awesome attitude.

I read in one of your interviews that you realised some time ago that your stance has changed, and you were very concerned and was working on it. I hope you have got it.