Say hello to thorstenhohmann.com

I am so excited. After months of hard work I am sooo proud to finally present my new website.

My french esprit supérieur Jean-Philippe Parmentier from Paris has exceeded my wildest expectations and created a dream of a pool player website. Along with crazy mastermind "Mr Cuetable" Wei Chao we have spent the last several days (and nights) in New York City to give the site the last touch.

And here it is...voila...http://www.thorstenhohmann.com/

I hope it will serve pool players and fans around the world in many ways...

At first of course I wanna let you know who I am, where I'm coming from and where I am going... check out the large biography section with tons of pictures, the video gallery or my upcoming tournaments !

The focus I definately wanna put on my blog. My friend William Fuentes from New York City has inspired me to start a blog. This guy is so creative and consistent, a rolemodel for all bloggers. Find out - www.williamfuentes.com
My goal is to talk on a regular basis about my life as a professional pool player, stories that happen to me on the road and the latest gossip :-)

I hope not only to represent myself well with this site but also our beautiful sport in general. Hit me with some feedback. Let me know what you like, what you don't like or what in your opinion is missing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Thorsten, you have a very polished website. Congrats and good luck at the upcoming US Open.

Joey Aguzin said...

Hello Thorsten!

VERY slick website.

No time for sleep.
Keep us Internet junkies informed about the latest scuttlebutt.

Wei Chao is DA MAN!

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Thorsten very nice website!!! You should be very proud of yourself =)

good luck in the US Open!!!


Patrick said...

Hey Thorsten...
eine sehr sehr geile HP hast du dir da gezaubert... immer schön Dreamtheater trommeln lassen § hehe §
> hoffe wir sehen uns bald wieder
Patrick Jupe from Germany :-)

Jonathan said...

Hi Thorsten,
Site looks great!!!
Thanks for the credit.

William said...

about time

Jessica said...

Du bist echt COOL!!!

Really cool and polished site.

Good luck at the Open to the nicest guy in Pool!


alexandra cunha said...

hi thorsten!
muito giro este website!!

se tudo correr bem, nos vemos em malaga para jogar o eurotour.

boa sorte para o us open!!

nota: se não entenderes a mensagem, pede à tua esposa para te traduzir!! :-)

beijos para os dois,

alexandra cunha

Favian said...

Hi Thorsten!

Finally your website is up and it is a great new site. Looks real cool.

Came across your blog too =)

Anonymous said...

Thorsten.... Site looks great! You are a credit to the game. Not only for your great skill but for the way you present yourself. You, and some others I could name, are the future of this great sport. Thanks for the website. I will definitely stay tuned.

Anonymous said...


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