Desert Shoot Out Day One

What a great field... Johnny Archer, Efren Reyes, Mika Immonen, Tony Robles, Earl Strickland, Jose Parica, Corey Deuel, Charlie Williams, Scott Frost, Steve Moore, Luc Salvas, Gabe Owen, Tony Crosby, John Schmidt, Jeremy Jones, Mike Davis, Louis Ulrich, Rodney Morris, Dennis Hatch to just name a few top players that have shown up here in Phoenix.

My filipino uncle Jhun and his wife Lenylin live here in Phoenix. They moved here two years ago from the Philippines. We used to hang out in Manila all the time. It was great seeing them and I am looking forward to have some crispy pata on Saturday :-)

The venue was changed only a few days prior to the event from the Sheraton Hotel to a poolroom called Kolby's located in the south-east of this desert city.

In my first match yesterday afternoon I beat Carl Wilson 9:1 and in the evening US bar table Champion Mitch Ellerman 9:5. I am pretty happy with my performance so far. Was a little nervous in my first match and played very strong from 5:5 on till the end against Ellerman.

Today I will face Oscar Dominguez at 4pm...


FastMikie said...

Be careful with Oscar!
He's young, and easy to underestimate, but he's a strong shooter.
I played him at Hard Times once, and I didn't get many chances to shoot!

Anonymous said...

Gott sei Dank, du spielst ja doch noch Turniere.
Dachte, du hättest aufgehört.

Hermann the german said...

Hi Thorsten,
whats going on in Korea?
Do you have a link for tournament results?